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Calvert Exmoor

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Welcome to Calvert Exmoor, home of accessible activity breaks in Devon

Calvert Exmoor is an accessible residential activity centre and charity for people with physical, learning, behavioural, sensory and complex disabilities alongside their families, friends and carers.

It’s what you CAN do that counts

We believe everyone

  • CAN do outdoor adventure activities like climbing, abseiling, horse-riding, canoeing and much more
  • CAN overcome personal obstacles with help and encouragement
  • CAN make new friends through group activities
  • CAN develop new skills, build self-confidence, and gain greater independence
  • CAN improve their physical and mental well being
  • CAN enjoy a fulfilling holiday with loved ones without being excluded or restricted

…whatever their age or ability. Our goal is to make this philosophy a reality, and provide the best accessible adventure breaks to all. 

If you’re looking for a fun-filled break full of adventure that puts people with disabilities first, we’d love to welcome you for a stay!

Our fully accessible centre is registered with the Activities Licensing Authority for Activity Providers (AALA), and accredited to the Association of Heads of Outdoor Centres (AHOEC) Gold Standard. The highly experienced instructors are qualified by national governing bodies such as the British Canoeing, RYA Sailability, and British Horse Society and are expertly trained to work with individuals with a range of needs.

This means that regardless of age or ability, guests can visit with family, friends, classmates and carers to experience exciting, challenging and enjoyable activities.

Plus, to make everything even easier, breaks at the North Devon centre are all-inclusive of activities, accommodation, meals and use of the facilities.


A friendly young girl with a rare, life-limiting disease that weakens her muscles, heart and lungs.

Carmela visited with her mum Lucy, who said: “We knew Carmela’s condition would be catered for at the centre so we didn’t have any reservations about taking part in every activity. Carmela took part in abseiling, in which she was strapped to a wheelchair and couldn’t stop laughing at me screaming with fear, she thought it was highly hilarious.

It was a brilliant weekend, all staff were fantastic and Carmela enjoyed every moment. She already wants to come back. It really is a place which caters for ALL disabilities, young and old, mobile or immobile. A place for all the family to participate without leaving someone out.”

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